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Tips for Effective Onboarding

Creating an efficient employee training program is important to keep business running at strong performance. With the new normal model, businesses are switching from traditional training methods such as classroom-based ‘one and done’ training events and turning towards video training and e-learning solutions. Even for a new hire, how to onboard your new employee effectively in virtual work environments. There are some tips:

1. Early interaction

Before a new employee formally onboard, it’s a great opportunity to conduct an orientation of the company about the company culture, environment and even transportation tips. A coffee chat to meet the team may also help to make a new hire feel engaged.

2. Good stakeholder engagement plan

Building connection within the company is a foundation for new hire successfully adapt to the new environment. Identifying a key stakeholder or mentor that work alongside your new hire will definitely help to build the connections and belongings of the new hire.

3. Having a great “day one” experience.

Every new hire should have a positive experience on their first official day on the job. An official welcome, meeting new members, all the necessary technology and access are the key. This allow new employees feel that they are fully present.

4. Clear short-term objectives

Having a clear set of desired outcomes can help new employees prioritize and build foundation for the success. A small guidance to the new employee can make them have an early win in their job.

5. Continuous support

Onboarding is not only for the first one month. The survey by Gallup found that new team members typically take around 12 months to reach peak performance. Show your continuous support and connected to the employee help employee to achieve their peak performance.

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