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Is Goal Setting necessary?

The value of setting new year's goal, no matter it's personal or business, is definitely important, providing that it works for you! Have you achieved something last year? Have you written your goals for this year! Some questions may help you to write and accomplish goals for yourself:

- What were the challenges for the last year with the execution? Will it be happened this year? And how to tackles these challenges?

- What are your daily / monthly tasks which can align with your goals?

- Will you see the results you want?

Does your goal meeting the SMART criteria?

Specific - Needs to be specific. for example - what needs to be accomplished? Who's responsible for it? What are the steps to be taken to achieve it?

Measurable - It will help to track progress and know the finished timeline.

Achievable - Goals should be realistic. Ask yourself is the objective something you can accomplish?

Relevant - Think about why are you setting that that you're setting. It must be achieved given the available resources and time. If something is out of your control, you may need to review your objective setting again.

Time-Bound - What is the timeframe to achieve the plan so as you know how to stay on track within a designated time frame.

Let's start to set and achieve for 2023!

Contact us if you want to discover more.

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